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Document Where can I find guidance on Out of Hours Providers (OOHPs)?

Out of Hours Providers (OOHPs) in NHS pension terms are organisations that are Employing Authorities and that provide GP OOHs cover outside of normal practice hours.

Any (non-GP) salaried staff are practice staff in NHS pension terms meaning they are afforded the same NHS Pension Scheme rights as GP practice staff. The OOHP is responsible for collecting the employee contributions and forwarding these along with their employer contributions to NHS Pensions on time.

If the OOHP formally employs a GP they are a type 2 medical Practitioner however the Employing Authority is NHS England/NHSCB or the Local Health Board.

Regardless of whether the GP is employed or self employed the OOHP is responsible for collecting and forwarding all contributions to the Employing Authority. An OOHP must never send pension forms or contributions in respect of a GP directly to NHS Pensions; the GP SOLO form must be used.

If a GP is a Scheme member they cannot opt out of pensioning their OOHs income. OOHPs must ensure that they take into account the GPs global NHS pensionable income when collecting tiered employee contributions.

You can find the Out of Hours Administration Guide on the NHS Pensions website.

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