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Document Which payments are pensionable for a Type 1 Medical Practitioner?

The following payments are pensionable for Type 1 Medical Practitioners. They are subject to the payments in respect of primary medical services being paid directly to the GP (or practice) by a NHS Pension Scheme employing authority.
  • A GMS contract. This includes payments in respect of additional services, essential services, the global sum, quality and outcome framework, dispensing, ‘PCO administered funds’, premises, and IT.

  • A PMS agreement. This includes the ‘contract price’ and payments similar to GMS.

  • A SPMS agreement.

  • An APMS agreement, subject to the APMS contractor being an employing authority.

  • NHS appraisal work.

  • Certification services (i.e. medical certificates as listed in the GMS Contracts Regulations).

  • Collaborative servicesin accordance with section 26(4) of the 1977 Health Act. This includes fees paid directly by a Local Authority/LHB in respect of adoption and fostering work, the blue (disabled) badge scheme, social services reports, ‘section 12’ work, priority housing reports requested by local authorities, attendance at case conferences and other meetings arranged by Social Services, certificates to enable chronically disabled or blind persons to obtain telephones, and sessional work commissioned by family planning clinics.

  • Commissioned services. This includes fees paid directly by a Local Area Team to GPs with special interests (GPsWSI), and also in respect of family planning, food poisoning notifications, lecture fees, marital difficulty sessions, and Local Authority sessions.

  • Educating medical students or GPs in a Practice. The fees must come directly from a Local Area Team and not a medical school or university.

  • Enhanced services (direct, local, or national).

  • General Dental Services.

  • General Ophthalmic Services.

  • NHS board and advisory work. This is non-clinical work and includes Primary Care Trust Executive Committee (PEC) work.

  • NHS dispensing services (i.e. the provision of drugs, medicines, and appliances).

  • GP Locum work.

  • NHS Out Of Hours (OOHs) work for a Local Area Team, LHB, or an OOHP that is an employing authority.

  • Practice Based Commissioning (PBC) - fees paid to a GP (or Practice) in respect of Practice Based Commissioning are only pensionable if the organisation paying the fees is a Scheme employing authority. A collaborative or a consortium ‘per se’ does not qualify as a Scheme Employing Authority however if a PBC organisation operates as a SPMS contractor the fees can be ‘pensioned’.

  • Prisoners’ healthcare. Fees in respect of a prisoner’s healthcare are pensionable subject to the Local Area Team/LHB paying the fees directly to the GP/Practice. If the fees are paid directly by the prison they are not pensionable because the prison is not an employing authority.

  • Seniority payments
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