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Document Which payments are not pensionable for a Type 1 Medical Practitioner?

The following payments are not classed as pensionable for Type 1 Medical Practitioners:

  • Fees paid to a GP (or Practice) by a LMC, a medical school, a NHS Pension Scheme Direction Body (i.e. a hospice), the police, the DWP, a Local Authority, the Ministry of Defence, or by the NHS Pensions Division (in respect of NHS ill health pension or Injury Benefit Scheme medical reports) are not pensionable.

  • Fees paid to a GP in respect of the national Drug Intervention Programme and private fees (i.e. travel vaccination fees not funded by the NHS) are not pensionable.

  • Fees paid to a GP by a hospital under an honorary contract or under a service level agreement are not generally pensionable however contact NHS Pensions for further guidance.

  • Funds that a Practice may inherit from another business, by virtue of acquiring that business, and that are drawn down later as a salary or dividends are not pensionable in the NHS Pension Scheme.
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