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Document If I am a GP Locum, can I choose whether or not to pay into the NHS Pension Scheme?

Automatic membership of the Scheme does not apply to Locum Practitioners. GP Locums may apply to join the NHS Pension Scheme by sending in Locum forms GP Locum A and GP Locum B.
If you choose not to pension your Locum GP work it is your responsibility to notify the practice, otherwise you will be paid the 14.3% employer contribution and 0.08% administration charge (14.38%) which you will need to forward onto NHS England (local area team) or the relevant Local Health Board in Wales. If you receive the 14.38% but then choose not pension this income you must return the 14.38% back to the practice.

For more information, please see the GP Locum Factsheet on the NHS Pensions website.

From 1 April 2019 the underlying employer contribution rate for employers changed to 20.68% including the 0.08% administration charge. However, in year 2019/2020 all employers will continue to only pay 14.38% employer contributions with HM Treasury making up the balance. Arrangements for 2020/21 will be confirmed in due course.

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