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Document What are deemed pay and deemed hours?

When calculating pensionable pay for benefit purposes, any reduction on account of absence from duty, owing to illness or injury (not including unpaid sick leave), should be added back into pensionable pay. This is commonly referred to as “deeming”. Deemed pay is pay that would have been paid to the member, if they had not been absent from duty.

When an employer is completing the SD55 Annual Update, both the actual reduced pay received by the member (un-deemed pay) and the unreduced pay (the deemed pay) are recorded. Similarly, if a member is part time their 'deemed hours' (i.e. the number of hours that the member would have worked) will be credited to the member and must be declared on the SD55 Annual Update. The deemed hours should correspond to the deemed pay.

Further information on deeming is available on the separate Deemed Pay Factsheet on the NHS Pensions website.

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