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Document How will my NHS Pension be paid?

NHS Pensions will normally pay your NHS Pension or monthly allowance on the same date of each month. We will tell you what your payment date is once your award is processed, this may not be the last day of the month.  When the payment date falls on a weekend or on an English or a Welsh public holiday, the payment will go into your account on the last working day before the weekend or the holiday.  NHS Pensions will not send details of your pension each time a payment is made, but they will write to you when your pension begins and each time there is a change in your tax code or in the yearly rate, for example they will write to inform you of a cost of living increase on your pension.
If you receive a weekly wage at the time that you retire then you may request to have your pension paid weekly to your bank or building society. This only applies to people living in the United Kingdom and excludes pension credit members. If you do require your pension to be paid weekly they you will need to attach a covering letter stating this when you send in your application form to apply for your Pension benefits. If your pension is paid weekly NHS Pensions will send you an advice slip every 12 weeks showing details of the payments for the next 12 weeks.
It is not possible to pay your annual pension in a lump sum each year.

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