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Document Why might an NHS Pension be overpaid?

There are a number of reasons why an overpayment may occur.

If you are an NHS Pensioner you may incur an overpayment if your pension is revised after going into payment because we have been informed of a change to the details used to calculate your pension (e.g. a change to your pay figures or length of membership), or you return to work in the NHS and exceed your earnings margin.

An NHS Pension is payable up to and including the date of death. If a member passes away and subsequently receives a payment after their death an overpayment may be incurred. If this is the case the next of kin or personal representative will be notified.

If you are in receipt of a dependant partner pension or child allowance you may incur an overpayment if your entitlement to these payments ceases any you don’t inform NHS Pensions.

If a pension or retirement lump sum is overpaid for any reason this money will need to be repaid. We may recover the overpayment by reducing future pension payments if possible, if this is the case NHS Pensions will contact you to notify you of this. If this is not possible we will contact the member or their next of kin / personal representative with details of the overpayment. If you have any queries regarding why an overpayment has occurred or you wish to discuss the repayment options available to you please contact NHS Pensions on 0345 1212522 (or 0044 121 283 0303 if you are overseas) and select option 2.

More information can be found in the Pensioner Hub on our website.

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