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Document How is membership calculated for part time scheme members?

A member is classed as part time if they work less than the recognised whole time standard hours for their particular job. All contributing part time membership counts at full calendar length towards qualifying membership, but is converted to its whole time equivalent for reckonable membership purposes.

A members whole time equivalent reckonable membership is calculated as follows:

Hours/Sessions Worked ÷ by Standard Hours/Sessions = The whole-time equivalent membership

If a member works to their set sessional contract you can use the following formula:

Qualifying days x actual sessions ÷ by Standard session = The whole-time equivalent membership

A member who works part time in one or more jobs can be pensionable up to a maximum of the standard whole time hours. Any membership over and above whole time is non pensionable and does not count towards either qualifying or reckonable membership.

For more information on calculating scheme membership, please see the Calculating Membership Factsheet on our website.
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