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Document Search tips - the best way to find answers to your questions

Ask Us search tips - the best way to find answers to your questions

A few hints and tips to find the most relevant articles in the quickest ways.

Item Save your time and fingers - use keywords

The quickest way to obtain results in Ask Us is to use keywords. Common words such as: and, or, how, the should be avoided when entering words. Choose your keywords carefully - enter the most obvious words first. For example 'ehic and changed name' will bring up the same result(s) as 'ehic changed name'

Item Less is more

The least amount of keywords is most likely to return the most results possible.

Item Capitalisation

Using Capital Letters and "quotation marks" are typically ignored in Ask Us, for example "Overseas", Overseas, and overseas will all return the same results.

Item Spelling

Ensure that the correct spelling is used when typing in keywords. Correct spelling will return the most accurate answers.

Item Tags

The majority of articles will bring up instant results based on keywords, there are however a few articles that may not easily bring up results with obvious keywords - therefore we add 'tags' onto these articles to help make searching easier.

Item Links

The majority of articles in Ask Us are linked to other similar articles to save you typing similar queries into the search bar. For example, 'I am going abroad to receive treatment or have a baby, will my EHIC cover me?' is linked with 'S2 form - What is this and how do I obtain one?'

Item Browse

If your search is still not successful, try browsing through the categories and subcategories manually in the relevant area.



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