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Document Am I exempt from paying NHS charges if I am aged 16 - 19 and have finished full-time education?

You're able to get free NHS dental treatment for any Course of Treatment which starts before your 18th birthday.

To be entitled to help with other NHS charges you must be:
  • Aged under 20; and
  • A parent / guardian who you live with are still receiving Child Tax Credit for you; and
  • You are named on your parents / guardians tax credit award and exemption certificate record.
If your parent(s) / Guardian(s) don't have a valid NHS Tax Credit Exemption certificate, you may be covered through a qualifying benefit a parent / guardian receives, as long as you're still named on their award letter and they're still receiving Child Tax Credit for you.

You will need to show their tax credit or benefit award letter letter as evidence.

Parents / guardians must keep the Tax Credit Office / benefit office up to date with any change of circumstances such as their child leaving education.

If you're not covered by the above exemptions but you feel you're on a low income then you need to complete an HC1 form to be assessed for help with your health costs.

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