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Document How will my refund be paid?

The method of payment we use for your refund depends on the payment method you used to purchase your Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC).
  • Direct Debit (DD) - Direct Credit (as long as you were paying using your account and it's still open). If your account has closed and you have informed us, we'll issue a cheque refund instead. If your DD was being paid from a 3rd party account, we'll issue a cheque refund in the name of the PPC holder unless you instruct us otherwise.
  • Card payment - Paid back to the card that was used to pay for the PPC, regardless to who's name it's in. If the payment card has expired, a cheque will be issued in the PPC holders' name.
  • Cheque - Cheque refund. The cheque will be in the PPC holders name regardless to who's cheque paid for the PPC, unless you instruct us otherwise.
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