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Document Dental Contract Reform - Can a therapist close down a completed Course of Treatment (CoT) for a performer?

Providing the relevant Banded Course of Treatment (CoT) Regulations are satisfied ie:

The National Health Service (Dental Charges) Regulations 2005:

“course of treatment” means –

(a) an examination of a patient, an assessment of his oral health, and the planning of any treatment to be provided to that patient as a result of that examination and assessment, and
(b)  the provision of any planned treatment (including any treatment planned at a time other than the time of the initial examination) to that patient, up to the date on which -
  (i) each and every component of the planned treatment has been provided to the patient, or
 (ii) the patient either voluntarily withdraws from, or is withdrawn by the provider from, treatment, by one or more providers of relevant primary services;
Providing the therapist has completed the Performer's planned treatment (following the Performers examination of the patient) then they can close the course of treatment. However the Performer would need to satisfy themselves of satisfactory completion of the identified treatment as they would be submitting the claim under their Performer number.


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