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Document Dental Contract Reform - What is the exit process if a practice chooses not to continue as a prototype?

Where a practice decides to withdraw from prototype arrangements, they need to provide notice in writing to both their Commissioner (LAT) and the detal contract reform programme.

Paragraph 10(4) of the directions states: "The participant may withdraw from a prototype agreement but must give a period of not less than 3 months' notice to the Board and the Secretary of State of any intention to do so."

Following this, appropriate timescales will be agreed for the practice to return to their GDS Contract or PDS Agreement.

Upon completion of the relebant notice period, the practice will revert to their underlying GDS Contract or PDS Agreement, with the same annual contract value and UDA requirement. No additional variation documents are required.

If a practice chooses not to progress into a prototype agreement before the contract has started, they should inform their LAT of their intention as soon as possible.

Comprehensive exit guidance for practices and LATs can be found on our website.



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