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Document Dental Contract Reform - How can I view the total contracted activity for my prototype contact in Compass?

The ‘Activity Search (Summary)’ and ‘Activity Actuals’ sections of Compass show activity which covers all treatment bands.

However, which blend you are on affects what activity is monitored for the purposes of a prototype contract:

  • Blend A contracts will look at activity levels for Band 2 and Band 3 Courses of Treatment (CoT) (counted as 2 UDA for band 2 and 11 UDA for band 3)
  • Blend B contracts will look at activity levels for Band 3 Courses of Treatment (CoT) (counted as 9 UDA for band 3)

The Activity Search (Summary) and Activity Actuals reports on Compass, as well as pay statements and schedules, all display the full UDA values for bands 1,2 and 3.

To view the level of activity you have completed which counts towards your prototype contract's activity target, use the 'Capitation Remuneration Report'. This report is published on a monthly basis and can be found in the ‘View Published Reports’ section of Compass.



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