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Document Digital Certificates - Expectant Mothers

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 How do I get a digital Maternity exemption certificate as I'm pregnant?

You need to speak to your midwife / GP to see if they're registered to provide this service.

If they're not, they can contact us to sign up to the pilot or they can complete a paper FW8 form and post as normal.

 Can I change from a plastic or paper certificate to an email certificate?

At present, we are unable to change your plastic or paper certificate to an email certificate.

 What do I receive as my Maternity exemption certificate?

You will receive an email which you can show whenever you collect your medication; there's no attachment, the email is your actual certificate. If you'd rather have a paper copy, you can print the email off.

You won't receive a certificate in the post.

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 What should I do if I've lost / not received / deleted my digital Maternity exemption certificate?

If your digital certificate hasn't arrived, please check your junk / spam folders as it may have gone here due to security settings.

If you've lost / not received / deleted your digital Maternity exemption certificate then please contact us.
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 What should I do if my pharmacist is refusing to accept my digital Maternity exemption certificate?

They shouldn't withhold your treatment or insist on payment, they can indicate 'evidence not seen' on the patient declaration if they're not happy to accept it.

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