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Document What is classed as an ‘Exceptional Event’ (Force Majeure) and how do I claim for this?

A provider is expected to plan for the delivery of their practice’s contracted activity level in full for each financial year. This should also include planning for any anticipated events that might affect the day to day delivery of units of activity (i.e. additional bank holidays).

There are circumstances where relief may be considered if a practice experiences an unplanned event or circumstance which has affected their ability to achieve their contracted activity levels.

If you have experienced an exceptional event please contact for contracts in England and your Local Health Board for Welsh contracts within 5 working days of the event taking place.


All claims for an exceptional event must be submitted using the Force Majeure/Exceptional Event application form. The application form must be completed in full providing details of the force majeure/ Exceptional Event, the impact on service delivery, the period over which service was interrupted and the action taken to mitigate the impact of the event. The claim form must be accompanied with supporting evidence in order for the local office to assess and award any relief.



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