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Document Provider Assurance Review - Band 3 Inlay

On the 25 May 2018 we sent all English Dental Contract Providers who submitted at least one FP17 for the 2017/18 financial year a letter containing their rate of band 3 inlay claims. The letter also confirms the English national average rate (5.7%).

By highlighting a contract's rate of Inlays claims, it's intended that providers will be able to monitor their contract's rate of these claims in future, if they feel this is appropriate.

Ask Us has been updated with further guidance on claims associated with inlays, including a summary of some details Clinical Advisers expect to see in patients’ clinical notes if / when an Inlay item / treatment is delivered. This is intended as a guide but may not be exhaustive, dependant on the patient's circumstances.

Providers can also access their Provider DAF report which includes their rate of Inlay claims, on their Compass account.

All Commissioners should also be aware of this as a briefing note has been sent to the dental leads by the NHS England Central Team.

If there's any outstanding queries from providers after they've reviewed these, they can
contact us.


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