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Document KO41b - complaints information collection

The NHS in England has a statutory responsibility to collect service wide data on patient complaints so trends can be identified and we can demonstrate that the service is being responsive to patient feedback. Primary care providers are required to provide brief details of complaints associated with NHS dental care by submitting a KO41b return.

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) undertakes the annual collection of KO41b returns on behalf of NHS England and NHS Digital. Contractors will need to submit a KO41b for each NHS Dental contract held during the previous year. Even if no complaints have been received a return must still be made. It is a statutory requirement to declare complaints information and it remains a contractual requirement, detailed in the 2009 complaints regulations.

What is the process?

During April all dental contractors* who had a contract active during the last reporting period (1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019) received email notice that they need to complete a KO41b return for each contract that they held. (The NHSBSA uses the email address registered on Compass so it is important these contact details are up-to-date.)
The KO41b online complaints form will only be available during the collection period. All contractors will receive an email(s) containing a custom hyperlink that will take them to the form relating to their practice contract number(s). Guidance notes for completing the return are available on the NHS Digital website.

The collection period for 2018/19 will run between Tuesday 7th May and Friday 21st June at 17:00.

If you need any further help regarding the 2018/19 K041b online collection form please email

*A separate process is in place for corporate bodies Bupa, Rodericks and MyDentist who will coordinate their returns centrally.