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Document What are the different employment types on Compass and how can they be amended?

A Performer must have earnings recorded in Compass for each contract that they work on.

When entering a performer there are two options:

  • Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) - Pension Scheme Members

  • Net Pensionable Earnings Equivalent (NPEE) - Non Pension Scheme Members
The type of employment also has a bearing on whether the performer earnings are superannuable or not.
  • If Self Employed or Salaried is selected then NPE is entered and this will be superannuable as long as the performer is a member of the Pension Scheme.

  • If Agency, Incorporated or Sub Contractor is selected then NPEE is entered. This employment type is non superannuable, even if the performer is a member of the Pension Scheme.

Amending an Employment Type

You can amend an employment type for the current financial year by using the ‘Contract Amend’ facility.

Location: Contract folder >> Contract Amend

Once you have selected the contract, click on the ‘Performers’ tab on the left hand side and click ‘Edit’ next to the performer you wish to amend.

Select the drop down arrow next to the NPE/NPEE line for the current financial year and click ‘Delete’ to remove the line.

Click the ‘Create’ button above the table to create a new NPE/NPEE line with the new employment type.

The employment type can only be amended on Compass for the current financial year and not a previous year.

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