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Document How do I remove a performer from my contract?

To remove a performer from your contact within the current financial year, please follow the below:

Contract >> Contract Amend
Enter your contract number, select and click 'Edit' button in the Action column, following that navigate to the Performers tab and click 'Edit' on the appropriate performer. Enter the appropriate End Date for the performer and enter a ‘reason for ceasing’.
After doing this click ‘Edit’ next to the NPE / NPEE and enter the End Date, then change the NPE / NPEE to the actual amount paid for the period on the contract and click ‘Amend’.
To save your change, please click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the next screen.
Once you've done this the change will automatically be sent to your NHS England local office / region for approval. You will need to submit a Compass authorisation form to your local office / region to enable them to approve the change, this form should be received within seven days of you making the change.

The Compass authorisation form is available on our website. Contact details for each local office / region can be found on the back of the form.

A 'How to Guide' to this process is also available.

Practices in Wales should contact their Local Health Body (LHB) directly to complete this process.

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