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Document How do I add the Total Contract Value (TCV) and activity targets to a contract?

The adding of both the Total Contract Value (TCV) and the activity targets both take place as part of the 7 step 'Setup Wizard' when creating a new contract.

‘Services’ is the Compass equivalent to Activity Actuals in the Payments Online (POL) system. Each service the Commissioner (Area Team (AT) / Local Health Board (LHB)) adds to a contract will have it's own UDA / UOA / COT value. The system will combine any monetary values of all the services entered on to a contract to make up the Total Contract Value (TCV), this also allows the Commissioner to see exactly what the TCV is made up of.
The Commissioner will also need to select whether or not each service is to be recurring or non-recurring.


Recurring means that the service will continue to be paid for each year the contract is open for. Regardless to when during the financial year the amount is entered, the full annual value should be entered and the system will automatically pro-rata it.


Non recurring means this will only be paid in the specified financial year and an end date for the service must be entered (which must be on or before the end date of the current financial year end). The value should be the actual value for the period that is payable.
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