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Document How do I add a performer to a contract?

To add an existing performer to a contract you will need to use the 'Contract Amend' screen.

Location: Compass >> Contract >> Contract Amend

Whether or not you have access to ‘Contract Amend’ will depend on what Compass user role you have been setup with.

Practices in Wales do not have access to this screen and should therefore contact their Local Health Body (LHB) directly to complete this process.

A step by step guide on how to add a performer to a contract is available on our website as well as a full video tutorial.

If you're a provider, once you've added a performer to your contract, the change will be automatically sent to your NHS England local office / region for approval.

You must submit a Compass authorisation form to your local office / region to enable them to approve the change, this form should be received within seven days of the change being made.

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