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Document How do I add a performer to a contract?

New Contracts

Adding a performer to a new contract is part of the 7 step 'Setup Wizard' when a Commissioner (Area Team (AT) / Local Health Board (LHB)) is creating a new contract, it's in section five of the 'Setup Wizard' called 'Practitioners'.

If the performer you're adding already exists, enter the performer number if you know it, in the 'Practitioner' box and click the magnifying glass. If you don't know the performer number, leave the 'Practitioner' box blank and click the magnifying glass, this will present you with a list of all active performers, you can then search on surname or forename. Once you find the performer you want to add click 'Select'.
If you wish to add a performer who hasn't yet been created, click on the green plus symbol. Once you have done this you will be required to add the relevant performer information, all green fields are mandatory. Once completed, you can add this performer to the contract following the above process.

Existing Contracts

Commissioners / Providers can add existing performers to an existing contract via the 'Contract Amend' screen.

Location: Contract >> Contract Amend >> Edit >> Performers

Click 'Edit' next to the contract you wish to add the performer to.

Once presented with the list of performers, click 'Create'. Enter the performer number in the 'Performer' search field and click the magnifying glass. This will find the performer and you'll be able to select them.

If you're a provider adding a performer, once you've added them to your contract, the change will be automatically sent to your NHS England local office / region for approval. You must submit a Compass authorisation form to your local office / region to enable them to approve the change, this form should be received within seven days of the change being made. The Compass authorisation form is available on our website. Contact details for each local office / region can be found on the back of the form.

There's a Providers step by step guide on our website.

Practices in Wales should contact their Local Health Body (LHB) directly to complete this process.

Adding Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) / Net Pensionable Earnings Equivalent (NPEE)

When adding a new performer, you must also add their NPE / NPEE. Click 'New' under the NPE / NPEE section that presents on the page.

The 'Pension Scheme Member' box will be pre-populated and may have a tick in it; this is to indicate whether or not the performer is in the NHS Pension Scheme. If a tick is present you will need to enter NPE, the NPEE box will be greyed out. Alternatively, if no tick is present, the NPE box will be greyed out and NPEE is required.

There's a Providers step by step guide on our website.

Practices in Wales should contact their Local Health Body (LHB) directly to complete this process.
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