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Document How do I add a Foundation Dentist (FD) to a contract?

To attach a Foundation Dentist (FD) to a contract the Commissioner (Local Area Team / Local Health Board) will need to use the 'Allocation of Foundation Dentists to Contract' function.

Location: Contract folder >> Allocation of Foundation Dentist to Contract

Before attaching a FD, you'll need to make sure they have the ‘Foundation Dentist’ indicator ticked on their performer record.

Enter the start date for the performer (this date must be on or after the Foundation Dentist indicator start date that you've entered on the performer record). Enter the performer number and click on the 'Create' button on the top right hand corner of the table below to bring up the creation window (each green field in this window is mandatory and must be completed in order to complete the process).

Mandatory Fields
  • Contract ID – enter the contract number or use the magnifying glass to search.
  • Trainer – enter the performer number of the FD trainer (to attach a trainer to the FD, you'll need to make sure the performer has the ‘Vocational Trainer’ indicator ticked on their performer record, for further information on adding the ‘Vocational Trainer’ indicator to a performer record please see the help screen on ‘Performer Update’).
  • Performer Start Date – enter the date the FD starts on the contract (must be in the current financial year)
  • Performer End Date – enter the date the FD ends on the contract.
  • Full Time / Part Time – select whether or not the FD is working full time or part time.
If you click on the ‘Refresh Finance / UDA details’ button; the financial and UDA information will refresh. This information will also automatically pro-rata based on the dates the performer is attached to the contract.

Once all of the mandatory fields have been completed, click 'Save' to attach the performer to the contract.
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