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Document How do I process an Advance payment request (Urgent payment request)?

If you, the Commissioner (Area Team / Local Health Board), wish to make a Health Body payment to a provider outside the normal process for a monthly contract payment on the standard pay date of the 1st working day of the month, you'll need to follow the steps outlined below:
  • Agree the payment details with the provider

  • Check there's no outstanding debt when calculating the payment to ensure that sufficient funds will be available to recover the payment on the next schedule. Any existing debt won't be recovered from the advance payment
  • Enter and authorise the payment on Compass
To make an Advance payment (urgent payment) on Compass:

Location: Payments >> Payment Adjustment Create/Amend Select 'Create' and select the adjustment code 'HB_ADV'. Enter the contract number in the Contract ID and a 'Payment Date', the payment will arrive in the providers bank account three working days from this date). Finally enter an 'Amount', input the details in 'Narrative' about why the payment is being made and click 'Save' when you're all done.

This will automatically lead to a deduction of the Advance payment on the next available schedule. The adjustment needs to be authorised by a second user for it to go through. This should be done by a colleague, you cannot approve your own adjustments.

The NHS Dental Services Finance Team will automatically be notified when an Advance payment adjustment has been approved.
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