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Document How do I change the provider of a contract?

This can be done via a new process called 'Contract Provider Change'. You can view some key facts around 'Contract Provider Change'.

Compass will allow a simple process to change the owner of the contract while the contract number remains open, you don't need to close a contract and create a new contract number when there has been a change in provider or contract type, such as a move to a limited company.

The 'Contract Provider Change' process will also carry over all monies, targets, performers, continuations and guarantees associated with that contract, along with their monthly payment. Therefore, it eliminates the need for authorisation codes to carry over continuations and guarantees.

It's up to the Commissioner (Area Team / Local Health Board) to decide whether or not a 'Contract Provider Change' is the appropriate solution.

Location: Contract >> Contract Provider Change

You need to enter the current Provider ID in the 'From Provider Field' and the new Provider ID in the 'To Provider' field. You will also need to enter the date you wish the change to take effect in the 'Change of Ownership Date' field. There's an option to add a reason for the change of ownership, please do this as often as possible as it helps keep an audit trail. Once all of these boxes have been completed click 'Search'.

Following the search, you will be presented with a list of contracts available to be changed, you can select which ones you wish to change by putting a tick in their box. Once you have selected the contract(s) you wish to change, click 'Submit' to complete the process.
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