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Document How do I update my personal details including my National Insurance (NI) number?

You can update the following personal details on your Compass account:
  • Email Address (email addresses can only be used once, if you change to another email address you won't be able to go back to the previous one at a later date)
  • National Insurance (NI) Number
  • Mobile / Landline / Extension Number
  • Address (if a brand new address, this can be updated using the 'green cross' showing next to the Location ID box - this must be a UK address).
  • Fax Number
Location: Performer > Self-Service Personal Details

This will display your personal details, update the required information and click 'Save'.

Any change to your National Insurance (NI) number on Compass is automatically sent to NHS Pensions who'll update your pension record within 2 working days of the change being saved.

If you've updated your address to amend your NHS Pension / TRS record, you need to contact our helpline to finalise this adjustment.

0300 330 1348

If you're a Provider or a Participant, you can update your details on Compass using the 'Participant Update' screen. You can access this screen at the bottom of the folders on the Homepage menu.

Location: Compass Home Page > Participant Update

Alternatively, if you're a Participant, the Provider can amend your details using the 'Provider & User Update' screen.

Location: Provider > Provider & User Update
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