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Document How do I view my monthly schedule?

Monthly provider and performer pay statements are available to you in Compass as they were in the Dental Portal.

Location: Payments >> Monthly Statements

If you are a provider / performer, and you want to view pay statements for contracts on which you are the provider, please enter the contract number on the contract ID search field, or use the look up next to the contract search field. If you want to view pay statements on which you are a performer only, please enter your performer ID in the performer ID search field and click search. This will return the list of contracts for which you are a performer only. The contract ID look up will now also show contracts where you are a performer only.

If you require certain schedules, you can also enter the period you require in 'From' and 'To' to narrow down your results.

The format of your pay statements haven't changed, the layout may look a bit 'sharper' due to the upgrades.

NHS Dental Services will be adopting the ‘Accountancy Calendar’ for all claims processing, pay statements and schedules. Month 1 will now be April and month 12 will be March, schedules will now be identified by the financial year and the month.

Example: The May 2014 schedule used to be 1405 (The 5th month of 2014), this will now be 141502 (the schedule belongs to the 14/15 financial year and is for the 2nd month of the financial year).

Click here to view the online help guide.
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