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Document How do I request an EDI PIN number to start submitting my claims electronically?


If you're an active performer on an NHS contract and you have access to Compass you can request a new EDI PIN or view your current EDI PIN, or request a new one, via the 'Activity' section of Compass.

To view your current PIN: Location: Activity >> Performer PIN Request

To reset your PIN: Location: Activity >> Performer PIN Request >> Reset PIN

A PIN is unique to you, so you use the same one for any contract you are working on. 


As a provider of a practice submitting electronic claims you will have a WebEDI account setup on your Compass. You will be able to request a temporary EDI PIN here allowing you to put claims through for a performer who has left your practice and still has claims to be submitted but you are unaware of their PIN.

Location: Activity >> WebEDI Account Update

This screen will be split into two tables, the top table will list your Provider ID’s and when one is selected, the bottom table will list any WebEDI accounts associated to the Provider record. Click ‘Edit’ on the right hand side of the relevant WebEDI account to display the details and select the ‘Temp PIN Request’ tab.Enter the contract number, and then click ‘Request Temporary PIN’ for the relevant performer.

This will generate a temporary EDI PIN which is valid for three months.
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