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Document What Band of treatment is a Fissure Sealant or a Sealant Restoration?

A ‘Fissure Sealant’ is a Band 1 surface application as a primary preventive treatment item. A fissure sealant (Band 1) should not be confused with the term ‘Sealant Restoration’ which is appropriate to Band 2.

A ‘fissure sealant’ is where fissure sealant alone is used.

A ‘sealant restoration’ is a filling where tooth tissue has been removed due to caries and restored with composite or glass ionomer and sealed with a fissure sealant.

Bitewing radiographs are usually considered a prerequisite to sealant restorations and diagnosis of treatment need.

As with any Band 1 or Band 2 claim, an examination and completion of treatment necessary to secure the oral health of the patient (that the patient is willing to undergo) is a requirement.

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