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Document What band of treatment is a bite raising appliance (BRA), Nightguard, Poly Occlusal Cover (POC) or an Occlusal Appliance?

This type of appliance could be appropriate to either Band 2 or Band 3 treatment, depending on where the appliance is made.

Band 2 is appropriate if it is a chair-side made appliance and Band 3 if the appliance is made in a laboratory (supported by evidence of a laboratory docket/prescription). As with any Band 2 or Band 3 claim, an examination and an assessment of the patient’s oral health and completion of the planned treatment is a requirement.

If clinical records were subsequently reviewed following submission of a claim, then there would be an expectation that the record would include a description of the presenting symptoms, diagnosis, clinical justification for the type of appliance, fitting and adjustment of the appliance, and a review after treatment.

Study models and a review appointment are not technically required for submission of a Band 3 claim relating to providing a patient with a laboratory constructed occlusal appliance, however good practice would suggest an expectation that:

  • Study models were available as a reference point for assessment of possible future tooth surface loss (where applicable)

  • At least one follow-up appointment was arranged in that same course of treatment to assess the fit of the appliance / patient symptoms, tolerance & compliance etc.

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