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Document What evidence is required to claim Child Dependants Allowance?

Once you have submitted your Child Dependents Allowance (CDA) application you will need to provide a birth certificate of your dependent child. If you have more than one child you only need to send one birth certificate, preferably this should be for the youngest child.

Please note you will need to send us the original birth certificate as we are unable to accept photocopies. Don’t forget to include a pre-paid stamped addressed envelope so we can post this back to you.


If you are reapplying for a new academic year and have already supplied the birth certificate with a previous application you do not need to resend this as long as it is for a child who you are still eligible to claim CDA for, just send a covering letter explaining you’ve already provided it.

We also require a copy of your current academic years student loan notification letter if you have not already provided this. This is required for each year you claim.

If your child is aged 15 or 16 on the first day of your academic year CDA can only be paid if the child in question is registered with special educational needs. Evidence that this is the case should be sent in the form of the child’s statement of special needs and disabilities (also known as a SEND statement) or a copy of their Local Authority Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC), if they have one.  Alternatively a signed letter from the child’s school or college confirming they are registered with SEN/SEND will be considered.

Please send all evidence along with a copy of your LSF student coversheet.

If you are unsure whether your 15 or 16 year old child meets the above requirement, further information about SEND or EHC Plans can be found at



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