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Document How and when will payments for Child Dependants Allowance be made?

Child Dependants Allowance (CDA) will be paid to your bank account over the academic year in three termly instalments. For full time students this will be scheduled as follows:
  • Term 1 - £250
  • Term 2 - £250
  • Term 3 - £500

The payment for Term 1 will be made within 10 working days of your application being approved.

Payments for Terms 2 and 3 will be made in the 5th and 9th month of your academic year, respectively. Examples of how this works are shown below:

Academic Year starts

Term 2 Payment month

Term 3 Payment month













The payment dates for Terms 2 and 3 will be the second Tuesday of the month. If this falls on a bank holiday the payment date may differ, if this is the case we will update our Facebook / Twitter pages with the amended payment dates.

Your term 2 and 3 payments may be delayed if your application has not already been approved within 10 working days of your payment date. In addition to this your University must confirm your attendance before we can make your Term 3 payment.

It is important you let us know if you withdraw from your studies, as you may be liable to repay any overpayments of CDA.

More details about CDA can be found on our website.

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