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Document Do I need to use the Non-Medical Helper (NMH) indicated on my Needs Assessment Report (NAR)?

No, however should you wish to use a different NMH to the one approved in your DSAs Award letter we will require the details and the hourly rates of the new NMH.

These should be confirmed to us by your Needs Assessor or disability advisor.

DSAs NMH services should be provided by support workers who have the appropriate employed or self-employed status (i.e. they must be registered with HMRC to pay tax and National Insurance on their earnings).

For this reason any supplier wishing to provide DSAs funded non-medical help services will be required to register with the Disabled Students Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG) in order to be funded through the DSAs.

If there is an additional cost involved over and above the cost agreed in your DSAs Award letter this must be funded by yourself.
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