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Document What does the Non-Medical Help (NMH) Allowance cover and how is it paid?

The NMH Allowance is to provide funding for additional support which you may require due to a disability to undertake your course on an equal basis to other students.

This can be used to help pay for support workers or other non-medical helpers that you may need to benefit fully from your course such as a note taker, study skills tutor , library assistant or specialist mentoring support.
If you are recommended NMH in your Needs Assessment Report (NAR) and we agree to cover this through the DSAs, we will send you written confirmation of this as part of your DSAs application.

The letter we send you will confirm the NMH provider that has been recommended as well as their contact details so you can contact them directly to arrange your support. Any support you receive will be paid directly to your NMH provider on receipt of the appropriate invoices.
Your NAR shows the amount of hours and sessions you are entitled to claim for each academic year. NMH support sessions can be undertaken throughout the year as long as you don't exceed the number of hours you are entitled to, the support you receive is course related and you continue to attend your course.
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