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Document What is the procedure for setting up a new cost centre?

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will need to complete the New Cost Centre proforma on your behalf to inform us that a new practice has been set up. They can complete this form to notify us of the following changes:
  • merging one or more practices
  • splitting a practice into two or more practices
  • a brand new practice/service/clinic opening
The completed form should be returned to

The form is available on our website. Click here to view. 

Please note that a relevant prescribing budget (per annum) and patient list size (per quarter) must be assigned to a new GP practice or cost centre within a CCG.
These can be nominal figures and, in the respect of a new service/clinic (where patients may be registered elsewhere), we advise that the patient list size does not exceed 100 patients per quarter.

For new cost centres which are a Walk in Centre (WIC) or Out of Hours Service (OOH), a prescribing budget and patient list size is not mandatory (for WICs nominal figures can be given, but are not a requirement for OOHs). 

The acronym ‘WIC’ or ‘OOH’ must be added to a generic prescribing name (if applicable) and/or address so that it will be printed on prescriptions and identifiable to NHS Prescription Services. Note: this allows us to highlight these forms appropriately to NHS Choices and ODS (Organisational Data Service, part of NHS Digital).


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