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Document What evidence can I send to prove I'm single or have separated from my spouse / partner / civil partner?

Any of the following original evidence can be provided to prove that you're single:
  • A letter from a professional person who is able to independently verify your circumstances, such as a solicitor or GP. Any letter should ideally include the person's job title, their employer, their contact details, their relationship to you and be written on headed paper, if applicable.
  • A Tax Credit award notice showing you're assessed as a single person.
  • A Council Tax letter clearly showing you have a 'single occupancy' discount. ‘N’ band (‘Student discount’) does not proof single occupancy.
  • A Housing Benefit letter showing you're a single occupant.
  • Your Decree Absolute.
  • A legal separation document.

Failure to provide any of the relevant evidence may result in the assessment of your application being delayed.
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