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Document Placement Travel Allowance (PTA) rates for postgraduate course students

If you meet all eligibility criteria, the following full time rate (which covers a 52 week period) may be available to you during the 2018/19 academic year:
  • £862.50
This allowance is non income assessed and available to all eligible students, regardless of whether you've been allocated a capped bursary place.
If you're not allocated a capped bursary place, this is the maximum amount of funding that could be awarded to you.
If you're allocated a capped bursary place and eligible for the Basic Bursary, your PTA entitlement will already be included within the Basic Bursary amount, so won't be an additional award.

Part time students

The rate for a part time student will be a pro rata amount of the full time rate based on the length of your course.

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