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Document Am I still entitled to my bursary if I'm off sick?

If you withdraw, suspend, defer, step off or interrupt your course for a period of absence of more than 15 calendar days, for reasons other than maternity, you'll be classed as withdrawn from your course. This is regardless of the reason or if you intend to return.
Please contact us if you've not already informed us of your absence. We'll contact your university / college to confirm your first and last day of attendance and then work out if you've been paid the correct amount of bursary.

If you've withdrawn from your course due to illness or injury this may be taken into account when calculating your revised entitlement.

You'll need to send us original medical certificates or sick notes in order for this to be considered, which must cover the day after your last date of attendance at university. For example, if you've withdrawn from your course on 1 November, your medical certificate or sick note must start on or before this date to be considered. Your evidence won't be considered if there's a gap between your last date in attendance and the date shown on your evidence.

Depending on the circumstances we may be able to add up to a maximum of 60 days to your revised entitlement when calculating if you've been overpaid.
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