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Document Can I get additional funding if my course has been extended?

If you're unable to complete the final placement of your undergraduate or postgraduate course in the time normally required, you may be considered for extended funding if there were extenuating circumstances.
If your additional attendance relates to any modules other than just your final placement you can't be considered for extended funding, however, you should check our guidance on repeat funding to see if this could apply to you.
To be considered for additional funding, the reason for your placement extension must include at least one of the following:
  • Serious illness (either yourself or a close family member)
  • Bereavement in your close family
  • Lack of available places resulting in the late start of your placement (but not if you have previously refused an available placement)
  • Breakdown of a placement resulting in the need to start again through no fault of your own.
Additional funding will not be considered if any of the following circumstances apply:
  • You delayed your placement to take a holiday
  • You had unauthorised or unexplained absence
  • You failed your placement (unless we are satisfied this occurred for one or more of the exceptional circumstances listed above)
If you're only eligible to receive the Placement Travel Allowance (PTA), extended funding isn't available regardless of your circumstances.

To be considered as eligible for extended funding, you must also satisfy the following:
  • You're extending or deferring your final year placement, as agreed by your university / college; and
  • You've been in receipt of an undergraduate or postgraduate bursary (not just the PTA) in the academic year you require an extension of; and
  • You're studying an approved undergraduate or postgraduate social work course

How to apply
You can ask your university / college to contact us with full details of the extension and your circumstances, or alternatively write / email us yourself. We may also ask for evidence of your extenuating circumstances.
A new application isn't required unless you're a postgraduate course student and you wish to apply for additional childcare costs during the dates of your extension. If so, you should complete the Childcare Allowance (CCA) application available on our website.
The final decision to award any additional funding will be made by us and not your university.

Possible funding available
You'll only be entitled to additional funding for any weeks of your new placement schedule that go beyond both the scheduled end date of your original placement and the end date of your normal bursary award, up to a maximum of 20 weeks. Your bursary award end date is 31 August if you started the year in September, or 31 December if you started in January.
For example, if you started your year in September and your placement was originally due to end 31 July, as your normal bursary award end date is 31 August, you would only be entitled to additional funding for any weeks of your new placement schedule that go beyond 31 August.
Any additional funding would include both the income assessed (if applicable) and non-income assessed elements of the bursary, however, wouldn't include any contribution towards your tuition fees.
Your extended funding would be calculated using a pro rata amount of your final year award based on the number of whole or part qualifying weeks of your placement extension, excluding any Childcare Allowance you claim as this will be calculated using the actual costs you expect to incur.

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