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Document How has my overpayment been calculated?

An overpayment is worked out by comparing your revised entitlement with the amount you've already been paid.

If the amount you’ve already paid is more than your revised entitlement, the difference will be classed as an overpayment and you will need to pay this back.

For example, if you withdraw from your course we will calculate how much bursary you should have been paid based upon the start date of your course and the date you withdrew. If you've already been paid more than this (as we pay you for each term) we’ll send you a letter asking you to repay the difference.

Childcare Allowance (CCA)


We pay your CCA based upon the estimates you give us for the terms upon your Childcare Allowance application form.


We then ask you and your childcare provider to confirm the costs you’ve paid at the end of each term by filling in a Childcare Reconciliation form.

An overpayment of CCA may occur if you have estimated that you are going to pay a certain amount to your childcare provider but you’ve actually paid less than expected when your childcare costs have been confirmed at the end of the term.


If you have been paid too much, we will deduct the difference from your future term(s) CCA payments however if there is not enough future CCA payments available to cover this difference we’ll send you a letter asking you to repay the difference by another method.


CCS Only

If a student asks how an overpayment has been worked out, you should be able to explain it using the notes upon their account. If there are insufficient notes to answer the student's query you can send a referral to the SWB Team who will provide a breakdown to the student, either verbally or in writing.

You must make clear in any referral exactly what part of the calculation the customer is querying or disagrees with.


Do not send a referral if a withdrawn student disagrees with the last date of attendance used in a calculation.


This date will have been provided by their university and revised dates must be resent if they believe it’s incorrect.

Childcare Allowance (CCA)

If a student has been overpaid CCA by more than £500 in any one term we hold all future CCA payments and request the student completes a new application form with revised costs for the remaining term(s).


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