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Document Who can apply for Childcare Allowance (CCA)?

Childcare Allowance (CCA) is means tested and forms part of the additional dependant’s allowances. It is paid to help cover the costs of childcare while you are studying and can be claimed by both full and part time postgraduate students.

In order to apply for the CCA all of the following must apply:
  • You're in receipt of the Postgraduate Social Work Bursary; and
  • You have children that are wholly or mainly financially dependent on you; and
  • You're using an approved or registered childcare provider.
You can't claim CCA if any of the following apply:
  • You're only receiving the Placement Travel Allowance (PTA) because you havn't been included in your college or university's allocated bursary places.
  • You're not using an approved or registered childcare provider.
  • You're in receipt of the childcare element through Working Tax Credits or another publicly funded body.
  • Your child is 15 years of age or over at the beginning of the academic year (or aged 17 or over if they have special educational needs).
  • You're an undergraduate student.
  • You're on maternity leave.

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