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Document Which courses attract NHS Bursary funding?

Non-medical / dental courses starting prior to 1 August 2018

If you are already in receipt of a NHS Bursary you will continue to be eligible to apply for funding for the duration of your course as long as you remain on your course and reapply for subsequent years within the published timescales.

If you have any change to your study pattern (such as transferring to a different university / course, withdrawing from your course and resuming, changing from full time to part time, etc.) you may still be eligible for NHS Bursary funding subject to authorisation from Health Education England (HEE). If this applies to you, you should speak to your university in the first instance. They will liaise with the appropriate HEE regional office who will make the final decision with regard to continuation of NHS Bursary and tuition fee funding on a case by case basis. Students should not assume that bursary funding will automatically continue and, where this is no longer available, are advised to apply to Student Finance England (or the equivalent UK body) for mainstream student loan support instead.

Non-medical / dental courses starting on or after 1 August 2018

The only new non-medical and dental courses starting after 1 August 2018 that remain eligible for NHS Bursary funding are Dental Therapy / Dental Hygiene courses at one of the five universities below. Students on these courses will, as a transitional arrangement, be eligible to apply for NHS Bursary funding for the duration of their course if it begins at any point from 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019.

The Universities are:

  • Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry
  • Bristol Dental School
  • Eastman Dental Hospital
  • Greater Manchester School for Dental Care Professionals
  • King's College Hospital Foundation Trust

Medical and Dental students

Students on undergraduate or graduate-entry Medical and Dental courses will still be eligible to apply for NHS Bursary funding for the later part of their training. Further information is available in the related article In which year of my Medical or Dental course am I able to apply for NHS Bursary funding? 


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