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Document Can I purchase ERRBO and Additional Pension at the same time?

Yes, however the amount of the reduction you can buy (ERRBO) may be restricted if you have already taken out an Additional Pension (AP) contract in the 2015 Scheme. If this is the case the increase to your pension through AP and ERRBO cannot exceed £6,500 per year. NHS Pensions will inform you if this applies to you.

If you do take out both ERRBO and AP and for example; you reduce your Normal Pension Age (NPA) by 1 year earlier than State Pension Age (SPA) the ERBBO will only apply to your main NHS Pension benefits and this means that the full amount of your AP will still be payable from SPA. You may request to take these as early as 65 but these will be subject to an actuarial reduction.
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