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Document I have submitted a form via Pensions Online (POL) but it's not showing - what should I do?

If you have submitted an e-form via Pensions Online (POL) and the update is not showing within 24 hours, this means that an error has occurred. Please check the 'Error Handling' section of POL.
If there is no error present in the Employer Allocated section in the 'Error Handling' area of POL, this means that the error may need to be resolved by NHS Pensions. This will be viewable under the NHS Allocated Errors section. In this circumstance, if you need the error to be resolved urgently, you can email NHS Pensions’ Data Management Team at:
If the e-form you have submitted is held in Error Handling, please do not re-submit the data, as this will duplicate the error.
For guidance on e-forms and error handling, please see the 'Error Handling' Pensions Online administration guide on our website.

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