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Document Why can I no longer submit default or "dummy" employment data via Pensions Online (POL)?

NHS Pensions is no longer processing any employment data with missing mandatory or conditional information. Previously default - or "dummy" - values could have been entered into these fields via Pensions Online (POL). An auto SD55E would then be issued to request the correct information.
Following the latest update to POL, auto SD55Es will no longer be issued. Instead, the appropriate error will now be sent to Error Handling. If you do not resolve the error, you will be contacted by NHS Pensions within the first 3 months of the error occurring to provide the data needed to resolve the error. If the error is not resolved after 3 months, it will be escalated to your Director of Finance.
For employers who do not have access to POL and are therefore unable to resolve the errors themselves, your errors will be sent to Error Handling at NHS Pensions as above, and follow the same contact and escalation process until the error has been resolved.

The full Error Handling Guide can be found on NHS Pension Scheme website.
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