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Document If I have changed my name, how should I inform NHS Pensions of this?

If you are currently paying into the NHS Pension Scheme then you must contact your employer, who will then notify us of this change.

If you are no longer paying into the scheme you should inform NHS Pension of you name change in writing, please also include your SD or NI number. You may be required to provide proof of your name change.

  • If your change of name is due to marriage we do not need sight of your marriage certificate as we will verify all relevant certificates when you claim your pension benefits.
  • If you have changed your name via deed poll please send your original deed poll document to NHS Pensions.

This should be sent to: 

NHS Pensions
PO Box 2269

If you are currently in receipt of your NHS pension you would need to inform NHS Pensions in writing, including proof of your name change as listed below. If you change your name:

  • by Deed Poll - we need to see a copy of it before we can update your record
  • because you get married or remarried - we need to see a copy of the marriage certificate
  • because you get divorced or dissolve a civil partnership - we need to see a copy of the Decree Absolute
  • because you’re using a previous surname - we need to see a copy of your birth certificate

This should be sent to: 

NHS Pensioner Admin
PO Box 2268

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