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Document If I transfer out of the NHS Pension Scheme, am I eligible to re-join if I am in NHS employment?

Yes. However the rules of rejoining depend on which NHS Pension Scheme you are/were a member of.

For information purposes if you opt out of the NHS Pension scheme, the request to ‘opt out’ of the scheme takes effect from the first day of the pay period immediately following the receipt of the opt out form by your employer, or a later date if the form specifies this.

2008 Scheme member

If you are a 2008 Scheme member, once you have opted out, you are entitled to apply for a transfer value of your to another registered pension scheme. There is no requirement for a 24 hour break in employment, and you can rejoin the 2008 Scheme at any time. If you re-join the Scheme after 31 March 2015 you will no longer be able to re-join the 2008 Scheme, instead you will join the 2015 Scheme.

1995 Scheme member

If you are a 1995 Scheme member, you can apply to transfer out if you:
  • have opted out, and
  • have two years pensionable membership before 6 April 1988.
In order to transfer out you must have a 24 hour break, and you can only transfer benefits accrued for all membership from 5 April 1988.  Any membership accrued before this date must remain preserved in the 1995 section until you leave NHS employment for a period of at least 1 calendar month.

If you transfer out of the 1995 Scheme you cannot later rejoin the 1995 Scheme.

From 6 April 2015, transfers to a Defined Contribution (DC) scheme (i.e. personal pension or a DC occupational pension scheme) will not be permitted unless you have less than 2 years qualifying membership.

Qualifying membership in the 1995 scheme is also treated as qualifying membership in the 2008 scheme.
For further information on transferring out of the NHS Pension Scheme, please see our website.
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