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Document If I am a member of both the 1995 section and 2008 section of the scheme and I wish to transfer out, do I need to make two separate applications?

If you choose not to transfer your 1995 section benefits into the 2008 section or you do not respond to the 5 year re-joiner letter, your benefits will remain completely separate.

Therefore, you will need to make two separate applications if you wish to transfer your NHS Pension elsewhere.

Please note: If you have less than two years qualifying service in the 2008 scheme, there is no 12 month time limit to transfer your pension out – this is because your membership in the 1995 section of the scheme is treated as ‘qualifying membership’ in the 2008 section of the scheme.

For example, a member has 10 years membership in the 1995 scheme, and 6 months service in the 2008 scheme. The 12 month time limit for transferring out in the 2008 scheme does not apply because their ‘qualifying membership’ in both schemes exceeds two years.
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