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Document What is the time limit for transferring out of the NHS Pension Scheme?

If you left the NHS Pension Scheme any time after 5th April 1988, you may be able to transfer your pension benefits into another pension scheme.

Any transfer must be completed before you reach your Normal Pension Age (NPA) within the NHS Pension Scheme.

If you have less than 2 years membership in the NHS Pension Scheme you will also need to:
  • Join a new pension provider within 12 months of leaving the NHS Pension Scheme; and
  • Apply for a transfer within 12 months of joining your new scheme or before their Normal Pension Age (NPA), whichever is earlier.
If you left the NHS Pension Scheme prior to 5th April 1988 with less than 5 years qualifying membership, you cannot transfer your membership into another pension scheme and must instead apply for a refund of your pension contributions.

If you left the NHS Pension Scheme prior to 1st January 1986, you may only transfer your NHS Pension Scheme benefits to another occupational pension scheme. You must request this within 12 months of joining your new pension provider.

Please note: if you are approaching your Normal Pension Age (NPA), you should consider whether there is a reasonable amount of time left to complete your transfer before you reach your Normal Pension Age.

For more information, please see the 'Leaving Early and Transferring Out Guide' on the NHS Pensions website.
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