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Document Can I request a transfer out if I have less than 2 years membership?

You will be able to transfer pension rights if you have less than two years qualifying membership and the receiving scheme is registered with HMRC as either a Registered Pension Scheme or a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). You would also need to apply for a transfer within the time limits set out below.
If you were already a member of the scheme you wish to transfer to when you left the NHS Pension scheme you will need to apply for the transfer within 12 months of leaving the NHS scheme or before your Normal Pension Age (NPA), whichever is earlier.

If you join an approved pension arrangement after leaving the NHS Pension Scheme, you can apply to transfer your benefits to the new scheme. To be able to do this you must:
  • Join a new pension provider within 12 months of leaving the NHS Pension Scheme; and
  • Apply for a transfer within 12 months of joining your new scheme or before your Normal Pension Age (NPA), whichever is earlier.
The above also applies if you wish to transfer your benefits from NHS England to NHS Scotland/Northern Ireland.
 For further information on Leaving Early and Transferring Out, please see our website.
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